The Pichette Family

My session with Casey, Mike, Oden, and Miles started off peaceful and calm. As we wandered down the trail at Edna Taylor Conservation Park, talking about our careers and where we’re at in life, things quickly turned..buggy. Yep, the bugs were e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. It’s summer here in Wisconsin so mosquitoes are common and unfortunately unavoidable.

Luckily the bug spray that we brought helped, and I was able to capture beautiful moments between mom, dad, and the kids. I gotta say, this session filled my cup. Everyone has so much love for each other, from the hugs that Miles gave his dad, to the kisses Casey gave Oden.

As we made our way back towards the start of the path, Casey talked about how amazing ice cream sounded on such a hot day. Not just any ice cream – MICHAELS FROZEN CUSTARD. What a great way to celebrate a life well spent :).