Hi, I’m Whit - A Madison, WI family Photographer.

I'm not going to limit myself by saying that I only do family photography, because I love taking photos of a lot of things, but family photography really hits home for me. When I was younger, my parents weren't around as much as I needed them to be. It made it difficult for me to know what a healthy family dynamic was. Even now I'm still learning. But so far what I've gathered is that the family that I want and envision is possible and the kind of love that I see from the families that I photograph inspires me to keep my heart open.

I would love to be the one to photograph you and your kids. Since having one of my own (that's Olive in the picture above), I realize how precious life is, and how quickly it goes. And while I'm still learning how to enjoy where I'm planted, reminders of how good I have it are really helpful to have. So take the photos, please. Even if it's not with me, and hang them up. Because if I can encourage even just one person to capture how good it is, then I've done my job.