Taking photos of you experiencing life is one of my favorite things to do. I encourage you to show up and have fun, photos don't have to be a doozy! The most authentic moments are when you're being you, so don't worry about the camera. I've got that covered :)

"Connection, Adventure, Presence"



In May of 2023, I was highlighted in a local artist's Photography Magazine. You can find the issue here: 1816 Magazine Issue #5 | MagCloud

Kind Words

"We have done multiple sessions with Whit and have so much fun every time! She has worked with us from maternity to family sessions with two littles along with a high energy dog and she does an incredible job at all of it. I’m always amazed at what she is able to capture in the chaos. Her style is very easy and natural, it will show in the photos you get - never too posed!"

- Rachel B.

"Whitney is incredible. We've had a number of photographers over the years, hoping to find one that is consistent, talented, reliable and can capture our family moments through the years. My family finally lucked out when we found Whitney. Whitney has been my family's go to photographer for family pictures around the holidays, so it was a no-brainer that we would ask her to capture sweet moments with our newborn."

- Kemi M.

"Our final pictures were awesome! I love how Whitney caught my daughter's scrunchy face that she sometimes makes, the twinkle in my baby boy's eyes, the muddy rain boots that splashed in lots of puddles this summer, and the curiosity of both my littles. So many happy, little details that made this mom so happy!

I highly recommend Whitney for family photos and we look forward to taking more family pictures with her in the future."

-Lauren L.

Goals for 2024


Expand My Knowledge

I'd like to further my artistry and attend an in-person photography course with a Photographer who really inspires me.


Help the Environment

I'd like to donate a portion of every session to an outdoor organization that focuses on helping the environment.


Have Fun, Follow my Heart, Hone my Skills

I understand the need for sessions to include a full experience. This year I plan to dial that in and create packages that give you more than just digital files.

I hope that you can help me get to my goals by leaving me a review, spreading the word, and signing up for a session with me.