The cutest duo!

I met Ashley a few years ago when she first moved to Madison, WI. At the time I was looking for a family to shoot for an outdoor adventure session, and she put her name in to be chosen for the shoot.

Since then, we had a toddler play date, and then hadn't kept in touch outside of social media. When I reached out to her for another adventure styled shoot, she gladly accepted the request!

It was a somewhat warm day, high 50's with a cooler breeze. The trail was pretty empty, with a few people passing by.

That's definitely the benefit of Patrick Marsh, it's sort of a hidden gem!

Ashley and Silas had already spent a lot of time outside the day of our session, so Silas was struggling to want to walk on his own. Ashley carried him much of the way and thankfully he opted to walk some of the way to give mama a break.

We spent almost 40 minutes hiking. The lake was calm and there were lots of birds flying by! Silas was excited to see a few cranes.

It was definitely a session to remember. Mom and son having fun on the trail, enjoying the bright sunny day. I'm glad I got to be part of their experience and was able to capture the love that they both share.

Ashley and I are excited to setup some more play dates with our kiddos. She'll be visiting our complex a lot this summer because her family lives here too! I guess it's a small world after all :).