It was a celebration for Audrey and for Easter. Audrey's birthday was a few weeks prior, so this was the perfect time to do their photoshoot. Kemi was originally unsure of what kind of session to do since the weather wasn't great. I recommended an Indoor Lifestyle session where they dyed eggs. She loved the idea, and I was so excited (dyeing eggs is one of my favorite things to do during Easter).

Audrey was a little reluctant when I arrived. She has a big personality for being such a little peanut, and she let me know her hesitations right away. Luckily, I was able to get some big smiles out of her for the session. Both her and her older brother were really interested in the egg dyeing process which made the photoshoot that much more fun!

Michael is such a great big brother. He loves Audrey so much and didn't shy away from giving her his full attention during the session. Kemi and Mike got to watch their kids explore together and enjoyed spending time together as a family. It was an eggcellent way to spend the holiday weekend!