It was a great day to get on the trails. The temperature had started out chilly, and we wondered if it was the best day for the photoshoot to take place. It turned out to be great, with temperatures warming up in the 50’s.

When we arrived, the trails were empty which gave everyone the opportunity to ride back and forth freely. Ryan, Norah, and Finn started on their own bikes, while Amy took Inga under her wing on their ShotGun bike seat. If you all haven’t seen one of these, you have to check them out! What a cool concept.

Inga is such a brave little soul and knew to hold on the entire time. Her face expressions said it all during the ride. She was clearly having a ton of fun!

Later, Norah and Finn hopped on Ryan’s bike, using another Shot Gun bike seat and a Thule rear bike seat.

It’s so inspiring to see families make outdoor activities accommodating to their needs, and this is a prime example.

With a few more trips down and back on the trail, our session wrapped up. Off they rode, farther down the trail to continue their evening adventure together as a family.