The Lammert Family

Every year, Schuster’s Farm has Blooms & Butterflies. It’s a time where the flowers are in full bloom and there are butterflies everywhere. It was an easy YES when Lauren reached out about a family session at the farm.

A lot of Photographers enjoy capturing their sessions at the event so Schuster’s designates timeslots specifically for sessions to take place. We booked our slot for a Sunday evening at 6:00PM, a few hours before sunset.

Prior to our session, Lauren had mentioned that her daughter Madelyn was slow to warm up to new people. When we arrived, I pulled out my best trick in the book to create a safe space for her > the camera trick😏!

I asked Madelyn if she wanted to see what we were going to do that night and presented my big camera with lots of buttons. Her eyes lit up, and she came right over. SCORE!

The rest of the night Madelyn was loving the camera, and her little brother – Dylan, did too.

Our session included so many special moments outside of looking at the camera. At one point, Lauren & Patrick were staring off into the sunset with both kids on their hips. As the photographer, it was an intimate moment that I was grateful to witness.  

Family is everything, and this session was a great reminder for me to keep creating those special moments with mine.