Rutabaga Outdoor Adventures

When I pulled up to Tenney Beach, I saw the Rutabaga van with kayaks and canoes sprawled out in front of the grass. I was excited and nervous to join everyone on a sunset evening kayak tour, because I'd be bringing my camera out on the water🙈, and I hadn't gone kayaking in almost a year. You'll never grow if you don't try, I thought.

I got out of my car and wandered over to the group where we introduced ourselves and got our safety jackets on. The sun was bold, making it difficult to stand in its clear path. A sense of impatience came over me as I waited to get on the water.

I quickly stepped into action as the Rutabaga team got everyone acquainted with their kayaks. Pulling out my camera, making sure to capture the experience as a whole. It was fun to see everyone step into the muddy water before hopping into their kayaks. The smell of the water reminded me of when I was a kid. The memory of catching frogs and fishing around our old neighborhood pond crossed my mind, until it was my turn to go. I hopped in my kayak and off I went.

Lake Mendota is a beautiful lake. Up until this photoshoot I hadn't really known the demographics of the area. It was nice to become more familiar with a piece of the city where I had lived for years.

Getting to know the group while we made our way out to the Governor's Mansion was definitely a highlight of the trip. We shared our interests, and what we do for work. I felt a bond knowing that the people I was with had similar interests as me.

The sky filled with more color with every minute that passed. As the sun began to go down, an orange reflection glimmered on top of the water. It was beautiful. I felt such gratitude in that moment for God providing me with the ability to have this experience. It's one I will never forget.